Case Study

Natasha Orme

Editor, Insights For Professionals

The problem the client was having

I was approached by Insights For Professionals after my LinkedIn posts about thought leadership caught the attention of their content manager. I was invited to contribute regular blogs and articles about thought leadership and content marketing to the Insights For Professionals website and I was very happy to accept.

The solution I was able to offer

I produce relevant, well researched and well written articles which appeal to the 3.5 million business professionals who subscribe to the site.

The impact this had

My blogs and articles have been well received and I’ve been invited to contribute to discussions, answer questions in the marketing forum, and have been awarded the ‘Marketing Expert’ badge for creating ‘higher quality premium’ content.

“Vicky has been working with us to provide high quality content tailored to our audience. Her attention to detail and writing style are excellent.”

You can read my articles for IFP here

If you’d like me to write articles for you, drop me an email at, or call 07702 128830

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We had the pleasure to work with Victoria on a very timely work on 'Contemporary Capitalism' and mission oriented businesses through our long standing relationship with Rethink Press. Victoria's knowledge of modern economic theory proved incredibly valuable as did her editorial prowess. Most importantly though Victoria is amazing to work with. She is smart, kind, focused and effective, I highly recommend Victoria!
Michael M. Carter, CEO, BizEquity