I work directly with your clients and customers and investigate the tangible benefits that your products and services have provided to them. Featuring case studies and interviews on your website creates trust in your brand and provides additional and reliable first hand information about your the benefits that your business brings to your customers.

Case studies are a versatile marketing tool and can be used in a number of ways. You may choose to feature case studies alongside your testimonials to add more weight to the testimonial and to demonstrate exactly why your client was so pleased with your product or service. Or you may prefer to collate the case studies within a single document that you can email to prospects and take with you to exhibitions and networking events.

People like to read case studies because they are interesting and they tell a personal story. A case study is about your customer and their problem, not about your business and so they should not look or read like a piece of marketing content. People reading your case studies should be able to identify with your customer’s situation and trust that they are being spoken to honestly. This will in turn build trust in your business as your prospects feel that they are being given helpful solutions that may work for them.

Nine out of ten people now look at online product reviews and social media posts etc before making a purchasing decision and case studies are an invaluable asset when providing proof that your product or service is of good value and high quality.

Having case studies on your website will also contribute to your SEO as they provide quality content, answer questions about your offering and are often one of the most visited pages on website.

You can read some of my case studies here.