Case Studies £550

Nine out of ten people now look at online product reviews and social media posts before making a purchasing decision, and case studies are an invaluable asset when providing proof that your product or service is of good value and high quality.

Having case studies on your website will also contribute to your SEO as they provide quality content, answer questions about your offering and are often one of your most visited website pages.

If you have happy clients and you’re not featuring them in a case study, then you’re really missing a trick.

I charge £550 per case study and this includes an interview with your client. Get in touch if you’d like me to write them for you.

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.... it was all excellent. The tone and style was exactly what I needed for my biz and she got everything I wanted from the chap she spoke to, fitting it all seamlessly into her expert prose.
Jon McCulloch, Owner, Grow Your Business Fast