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Publishing well researched, concise and engaging articles and blog posts is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to establish yourself as a thought leader within your sector. For maximum impact, you should publish articles and blogs on your website and also in printed materials such as brochures and newsletters. It’s very often the case that if your articles and blogs are of sufficient quality, your stakeholders, wholesalers and retailers will also want to publish them on their websites, to benefit from your research and expertise.

Articles can also be submitted to sector specific publications, newspapers and other relevant journals, which will increase awareness of your brand and provide you with a highly effective form of content marketing. Publishing articles in a range of formats, and across a number of platforms, also provides you with multiple opportunities to share links to your articles via social media, which will again increase your brand visibility.

If your articles and blogs are lengthy, relevant, interesting, and engaging; and you regularly publish new content, you will soon start to see your SEO increase and your online presence grow. An additional benefit is that they will provide your business with content that can be re-purposed for social media posts.

Expert articles and blogs will contribute to your brand authenticity, and are a highly effective form of thought leadership content marketing.

You can learn more about thought leadership, and read some of my published articles here.

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