Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a key component of content marketing and should be viewed as an extension of your personal or business brand. Creating an online reputation as someone who is a trustworthy authority will improve your credibility, and increase both sales and market share for your business.

To establish yourself as a thought leader, you’ll need to provide deep and comprehensive answers to your customers’ biggest questions, and you have to  provide these answers in your audience’s preferred formats. You should be selective about how, where and to which areas you contribute, and your aim should be to carve out a specific niche or a section of your market place where you are seen as more knowledgeable, more experienced and more trustworthy than your competitors.

Thought leadership is also about inspiring and influencing others, and so it’s not just about having great ideas, you also want to be regarded as someone who knows your sector inside out and who is listened to when making predictions about the future of your industry. Your thought leadership content needs to be shared in an accessible, engaging and sustained way on social media, in articles, with networking, white papers and through case studies, and is most definitely a long term strategy.

You have to build your experience and create credibility and this doesn’t happen overnight. So why not start now? Drop me an email and we can discuss the best way to build your online presence, and how to begin to establish you as a thought leader within your sector.

I worked with Victoria on a copywriting project for a furniture manufacturer creating product descriptions. She made a fantastic addition to the EMARI marketing team- I gave her the brief and from that, she was able to create a variety of copy in slightly different writing styles which the client could then choose from. She asked good questions and was able to edit as and when required and everything was completed in a professional and timely manner. 100% would recommend.
Emma-Louise Munro Wilson, CEO, EMARI Group Ltd