Thought Leadership Consultation £275

If you want to grow your INFLUENCE, increase your VISIBILITY and maximise your IMPACT, there’s no better time to start than now.

You’ve channeled your unique personal experiences into a business that makes an impact, and now it’s time to share your expertise with the world.

It’s hard knowing where to start, or finding the time to get started, so having a focused consultation call is often the answer.

During our one-hour thought leadership consultation call, I’ll help you:

  • Uncover your purpose
  • Identify which types of thought leadership content are best for your business or personal brand
  • Discuss ways of maximising the reach of the content you produce
  • Give you ideas about how to save time when producing thought leadership content
  • Help you plan a thought leadership content strategy around your business goals.

After the call I’ll send you a comprehensive report and a suggested content plan for your thought leadership campaign.

If, after the call, you’d like me to help you create thought leadership content for you, I’ll deduct the fee for the consultation call from your final invoice.

You can book your one-hour thought leadership consultation call here

Victoria has the ability to get straight to the heart of a subject or idea and give it cohesive, intelligent and understandable form and perspective. It’s a rare talent. She asks challenging questions and guides you to discover the right answer for you, which instantly enables you to own that subject or idea with authenticity and confidence.” Tracy Stewart, Owner, Freshly Press

Victoria is really knowledgeable about content creation and business ideas, helping me get my own ideas clear and move my business forward. I recommend her for thought leaders who are looking to focus their own business ideas.” Andy Day, CEO, Capital A

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For anyone seeking to write a white paper, I cannot recommend Victoria enough. Her services are comprehensive and her support extensive. She's easy to work with and the results are tremendous. Well worth every penny or pound.
Matt Connell, Founder, Yellowbrick