Client Work

NDAs and client confidentiality prevent me from publishing the work I’ve completed for my clients, but you can see who my clients are, view their testimonials and read my case studies here. If you’d like to view my portfolio of client work, email me at and I’ll send you a link to my Google drive.

Thought Leadership

If you’re interested in learning more about thought leadership, you can read my published white papers and articles here.

Why White Papers are Good for Business‘ (White Paper)

Why White Papers Matter

Getting it White: The Power of the Paper

What Should a White Paper Look Like?

The Business Case for Case Studies

The Business Benefits of Outsourcing

Make the Most of Your Case Studies

Make Your Clients Work for You

Other Published Work

AU Kids Magazine

GoWrite Magazine

Insights for Professionals (Nov 2018) (Feb 2019) (July 2019) (April 2020)

Jelly Nightmares (My Personal Blog)

Medium (Oct 2018) (Nov 2018) (April 2020)

SEN Magazine (Print) (Online)

Small Business Showcase

Southsea Lifestyle Magazine (April 2018) (June 2018) (August 2018) (December 2018)

Podcast and Video Interviews

If you’d like me to be a guest on your podcast, or contribute ideas about thought leadership to your webinar, conference or event, please email me at I enjoy public speaking and love talking about thought leadership.

ReBoot with Dave Summers

Hotcopy Podcast

We Make It Work Podcast

Marketing Study Lab Podcast

Make It Real Podcast (episode 7)

Another Door Podcast

Guest blogs

I’m often asked to contribute guest blogs and articles about thought leadership to magazines and websites. If you’d like me to write a guest blog for you, please get in touch at

Another Door 

The Blogging Station

Philosophy Articles

These articles provide brief biographies of some key Western philosophers and a summary of their work. They’re published on LinkedIn under the hashtag #PhilosophyFridays where they’ve gained a large (and unexpected) following. You can follow me/connect with me on LinkedIn if you’d like to read more of my posts and articles.

George Berkeley

Simone de Beauvoir

René Descartes


Thomas Hobbes

Immanuel Kant

John Locke

John Stuart Mill

Friedrich Nietzsche


Bertrand Russell



Ludwig Wittgenstein

Classics Mini-Lectures

Following on from my philosophy articles, I’ve created a video series of 7 minute lectures about ancient Greece and the classical world. You can watch them by clicking the links.

If you like the way that I present and would like to book me to speak about thought leadership at your event or conference, please drop me an email at

Homer and Hesiod

The Nature of the Olympian Gods

Hero Cults

Politics and Religion in Ancient Greece

Mystery Cults

The Healing Cult of Asclepius

The Oracle at Delphi

Greek Treasuries

Endorsements and Recommendations

As the IFP marketing expert, I contribute regular blogs and articles about thought leadership to the highly regarded Insights for Professionals, which has a readership of over 3.5 million business professionals.

I’m very proud to feature in John Espirian’s list of recommended copywriters. John is an influential, industry leading, technical writer with a huge following on LinkedIn. It’s a real honour to be included in his list of go-to copywriters.

The Hoxby Collective is an ‘award winning workforce of more than 450 exceptionally talented people‘ and I’m delighted to be considered one of them. I am a member of the core team at the Hoxby Design Studio, and write long-form copy for the Collective. You can find out more about the Hoxby ethos by watching this video.

I’m a professional member of ProCopywriters, the Alliance of Commercial Writers.

The story that inspired my personal blog, Jelly Nightmares, has been featured in the national and international press- including Chat Magazine, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The New York Times, and The Sun. You can read the articles in full by visiting my blog.

Get in touch by emailing me at

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Honest, open and enthusiastic are the traits that come to mind when I think about Vicky. I was always impressed with Vicky's ability to communicate easily and concisely with people at all levels both verbally and in writing. Her strength of character, boundless energy and attention to detail would be a true asset to any team.
Sarah Banach, Quality Assurance Leader, Chichester College