Client Work

NDAs and client confidentiality prevent me from publishing the work I’ve completed for my clients, but you can see who my clients are, view their testimonials, and read my case studies here. If you’d like to view my portfolio of client work, email me at and I’ll send you a link to my private portfolio.

Thought Leadership

I’m a recognised expert at Thinkers360, an experienced keynote speaker and I regularly guest on podcasts and at webinars.

If you’d like to book me to speak about thought leadership, entrepreneurism, or executive ghostwriting at your event, or interview me on your podcast, I’d love to hear from you. You can schedule a quick call here.

White Papers

You can download my white paper about white papers here. Book your two-hour white paper planning session here.

The White Stuff - Why white papers are good for business (document cover).

Other Published Work

In Harmony with Autism‘ AU Kids

Breaking Down Barriers‘ SEN Magazine

Tricks of the Trade‘ GoWrite

Jelly Nightmares‘ Personal Blog

Podcasts, Video Interviews and Keynotes

If you’d like me to be a guest on your podcast, or contribute ideas about thought leadership to your webinar, conference, or event, please email me at

Professional Positions

Founding Partner at the Global Institute for Thought Leadership.

Recognised expert at Thinkers360

Senior BookSmith at Rethink Press

Marketing expert at Insights for Professionals

Recommended copywriter at Espirian

Get in touch by emailing me at

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Victoria had the courage and confidence to ask us the hard questions.
Geraldine Canty, Co-founder, Predictive Potential