My services

     I ghostwrite prescient thought leadership content for corporates and multinationals.

When time is short and the stakes are high, it makes sense to partner with a trusted expert who will get you the results you want, without the headache.



     High-quality whitepapers will provide your business with well-researched and heavy-duty content that can be adapted for a wide range of communications purposes.

A whitepaper can be used as the basis for articles, blog posts, presentations, talks, newsletters and website content, and will form a key component of your core marketing strategy.

An effective whitepaper will generate leads, convert prospects into customers and position you as a trusted authority within your sector.

The power of a good whitepaper can not be underestimated- they really pack a punch.

Expert Articles, Bylines and Blogs

     If you want to establish your senior executives as authorities within your sector, you’ll need to regularly publish well-researched and authoritative bylined articles and blog posts.

However, they take time to create, and it’s often better to outsource them.

Case Studies

     Featuring case studies and interviews on your website creates trust in your brand and provides additional and reliable first-hand information about your products and services.

You can also repurpose case studies and use them as the basis for whitepapers, blog posts and articles.

I work directly with your clients and customers to investigate the tangible benefits that your products and services provide.

Thought Leadership Consultation

     If you’ve got a lot on your plate and need a sounding board for your ideas, or want help refining your thought leadership strategy, a one-hour consultation call will help get you on track.

Working with Victoria is a smooth and easy process. Great job and brilliant result.
Viktorija Tamuleviciene, Content Coordinator, Hefted