White Papers

High quality white papers will provide your business with well-researched, and heavy duty content, that can be adapted for a wide range of communications purposes.

A white paper can be used as the basis for articles, blog posts, presentations, talks, newsletters and website content, and will be a key component of your core marketing strategy.

An effective white paper will generate leads, convert prospects into customers and position you as a trusted authority within your sector.

The power of a good white paper can not be underestimated- they really pack a punch.

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Expert Articles

Do you require well researched and authoritative articles for your business website or social media platforms? Or perhaps you would like to contribute knowledgeable articles to sector specific publications?

I research and write accessible and engaging articles that will help to position you as an authority within your field, and which will increase your brand visibility.

I am a published writer and my articles have been featured in local and national magazines, both online and in print.

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Case Studies

I work directly with your clients and customers to investigate the tangible benefits that your products and services have provided to them. Featuring case studies and interviews on your website creates trust in your brand, and provides additional and reliable first hand information about your products and services.

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Thought Leadership

A thought leader is an individual, business or brand that is widely recognised as having authority within a specific field. Establishing yourself as a thought leader means that your expertise is sought by others, and rewarded through additional sales, higher visibility and increased personal integrity and authenticity.

I create thought leadership communications that tap into the talent, experience and passion inside your business, and which will answer the biggest questions that your clients and customers may have about your products and services.

I can help you to cut through the noise and offer something worth listening to.

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Content Creation

Do you need to communicate something important to your employees, colleagues, customers or clients? Sometimes it can make sense to outsource your content creation and save yourself both time and hassle by doing so. The benefits of clear, open and honest communication cannot be underestimated and everyone benefits when business communications are effective.

I produce clear, concise and authoritative website content, blog posts, emails, presentation decks and newsletters and I have extensive experience of working in both internal and external communications.

If you have a story to tell but don’t have the time to tell it properly, then let me do it for you.

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